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Joomla Hotel Booking Componet

Joomla Hotel Booking Componet

Joomla HBS (Joomla Hotel Booking System) was designed to simplify the task of online booking in Joomla Content Management Website. It provides users a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today. Joomla Hotel Booking System (Joomla ...

Commercial  1,150k 2463 Joomla HBS

Booking Calendar Joomla

Availability Booking Calendar is one of the most customizable calendars on the internet. It allows unlimited combination of sizes, colors, fonts, borders, date and time formats, week starting dates, language, etc... Using a simple piece of JavaScript code you can put Availability Booking Calendar on ...

Commercial  102k 651 StivaSoft Ltd

Joomla Chat Extension

It can add a live chat room to Joomla CMS, feature rich, multiple skins, fully customizable, easy to install, users single sign-on. The best part is that once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted chat room will be assigned to your Joomla. A ...

Freeware  31k 633 TopCMM Software Corp. widget module for Joomla 1.5 widget module for Joomla 1.5

LinEye module for Joomla 1.5 (PL/EN) allows administrators to integrate their sites with LinEye ( LinEye is Polish site which help blogers and web administrators to promote their sites for free.

Freeware  5k 646

Meetup events extension for Joomla

Unofficial Joomla! extension to display event information from, for a particular group, using the Meetup API. I'm afraid I am no longer available to support this project. Any developer interested in taking it over is welcome.

Freeware  8k 487

Messaging for Joomla

This component is a simple and elegant personal messaging system for Joomla! 1.5. You can send messages to multiple users and it has a user suggestion function. It is also possible to use BBCode and smilies. The inbox size can be defined.

Freeware  157k 195

My Joomla Components

My Joomla Components is a set of lightweight, easy to use Joomla Components / Modules including a Component for Events and an Album. Components have a frontend submit facility (if applicable) and are compatible with JACL+ for beter user/group management.

Freeware  141k 278

OpenSEF for Joomla

OpenSEF is an open source advanced SEF component for Joomla! 1.0 which enables automatic and manual text-based search engine friendly URLs for Joomla core components and 3rd-party developer components. SEO Assistant adds many search engine optimization tools

Freeware  909k 290

ShareOnFace! for Joomla

ShareOnFace! es un plugin para Joomla! que proporciona una funcionalidad simple pero Astil: un botAln para compartir artA­culos en Facebook.Es sumamente sencillo de instalar y personalizable, por lo que se integra perfectamente con cualquier sitio.

Freeware  17k 217

Traducciones Joomla!

Asltimas traducciones para Joomla! de; revisadas ortogrA?fica, gramatical y sintA?cticamente, para espaA±ol formal. I (hispanic philology graduated) made a€‹a€‹a spelling, grammar and syntax corrections for formal Spain. Hope you e

Freeware  27k 161
Visitors Table (joomla module)

Visitors Table (joomla module)

The visitors table module is a very simple, but very important module for joomla. When a user visit your website, informations about him stored to sql table. View the ip of your visitorView the browser and the operating system of your visitorView the url that ...

Freeware  1k 246

Async GA Joomla Module

Very simple module to that uses asynchronous google analytics code. See for the guidelines. joomla 1.5 nativesupports template overrides

Freeware  16k 262

CSOC Joomla Portal Template

Community Safety Operations Center Portal. To empower the community in neigbourhood watch and crime countermeasures a joomla CMS portal globally available.

Freeware  6,658k 246

GPDF for Joomla! v1.5

This is a simple plugin for Joomla! 1.5 that allows you to use google docs to embed inline content within your articles

Freeware  2k 215 Maps Joomla Component

Component to embed your prefered zone into your Joomla site

Freeware  564k 325

HecMailing for Joomla

HecMailing is a native joomla 1.5 component that allow authorized frontend users to send email. There is also a contact module. Visit my Website for help and download ... /!\ BECAREFUL : New versions will only be downloaded on my website Front end send mailContact ...

Freeware  268k 394

Joomla Category Tree Builder

Joomla Category Tree Builder provides UI of Building Tree of Joomla Category using jQuery and interface plugins

Freeware  50k 308

Joomla Classement

Un ensemble de module et de composant joomla pour classer les articles parus par annA©e et par mois avec un menu dA©roulant

Freeware  6k 197

Joomla Extension for Schools

Joomla Extension to Support Parents Associations (PTA, P & C, P & F) and schools - providing capacity for class list management, parent contact details management, class and school group contact/mailing lists.

Freeware  274k 272

Joomla FCKeditor 2.6.x code highlighter

This plugins is a code syntax highlighter to joomla FCKeditor 2.6.x . Created by unco (alias nameless) joomlafckeditorfckeditor code highlighter

Freeware  29k 263

Joomla Graphics

Component and Module for Joomla. With this component you will be able to build timelines. Axis X a€“ time, axis Y a€“ your value.

Freeware  659k 142

Joomla .15 - ptbr - estvel

Joomla CMS version 1.0.15 - stable - Brazilian Portuguese - complete package - with 20 icons in CPanel ///// CMS Joomla 1.0.15 - pacote completo em portugues brasileiro - verso estvel - com 20 cones no Painel de Controle.

Freeware  2,912k 162

Joo!BB - Joomla Bulletin Board - Deutsch

Joomla! Bulletin Board ist ein voll integrierbares Forum fALr Joomla! ab Version 1.5 - Deutsche Version Der Download beinhaltet: - Joo!CM Komponente - Joo!BB Set. Weitere Informationen: Verwalten von mehreren KonfigurationenVerwalten mehrerer TemplatesVerwalten von Avataren fALr MitgliederZusAtzliche Benutzer Informationen & Joomla! BenutzerintegrationModeration von Foren, ...

Freeware  1,447k 766

Joomla 1.5 Uzbek Language Pack

This is a Joomla 1.5x language pack localised for Uzbekistan. Just download it and use the Joomla installer to install it. In the language manager set Uzbek (Uzbekistan) as your default language for both administrator and site.

Freeware  208k 350

Joomla 1.6 Tranlation German Deutsch

Deutsche Sprachdatein fALr die Aktuelle Joomla 1.6 Version Jetzt Auch Als Einzelne Packages zum Installieren Asber den WebInstaller. The DSPEED Project translation team provides newer German translation for Joomla! 1.6, Components, Modules and Plugin German Language Files for Joomla 1.6Deutsche Sprachdatein fALr Joomla 1.6

Freeware  7,185k 292

Joomla Live Chat Module by OggChat

OggChat Live Chat for Joomla is a module that allows you to include a live chat solution on your Joomla site. OggChat is a unique live chat service that integrates with Gmail. More information can be found at Joomla 1.5 Module for OggChat Live ...

Freeware  7k 494
Joomla Live Chat Module by mylivechat

Joomla Live Chat Module by mylivechat

My LiveChat plugin for Joomla provides an easy way to integrate your Joomla!-powered website with the LiveChat solution. My LiveChat is a fast, high performance and most user-friendly live chat solution. Easy to installHigh Reliability, Scalability and High Load SupportReasonable PricesComplete CustomizationSSL Chat Communication

Freeware  4k 1419

Joomla Login As..

Simple joomla components designed to give the "Super Administrator" the power to login as any other user.This is version 1.0, we will work hard to develop a new features and nice interface.

Freeware  124k 182

Joomla SEF / SEO - extending OpenSEF

JoomlaSEF or OpenSEF is an Advanced SEF and SEO component for the Joomla CMS system. Joomla SEF creates Search Engine Friendly URLs and improved SEO tools for tweaking Page Titles, Meta Tags, monitoring Link Integrity, and tracking Google Page Ranking.

Freeware  481k 333

Joomla Scouting

The Joomla Scouting project provides resources to help Scout units registered with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) set up and maintain Joomla-powered web sites.

Freeware  99k 260
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